We provide the accounting resources you need so you can concentrate on what matters most. Palmar Consulting Group, Inc. offers comprehensive, cost effective, and efficient accounting services in packages that fit the needs of any size organization.

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Access to the Most Qualified and Experienced People

Our staff combine industry experience and in-depth analysis of your needs to get your job done quickly, accurately, and efficiently. The Palmar Consulting Group, Inc. professionals applies diversified experience and industry specializations to identify relevant issues quickly giving you immediate opportunities to address your business needs and create solutions.

The cost associated with attracting or retaining qualified professionals can be significant. Many companies proceed without the proper talent to allow them to achieve their business goals. Their current internal labor pool may lack the know-how to help accomplish those current and future business objectives.

Palmar Consulting Group, Inc. allows your organization the opportunity to tap into a vast array of experience and knowledge to put your company on track to achieve those once-unreachable business objectives.

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Maximizing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Financial Systems

Often, companies struggle in accessing the data in their financial systems. The result is that key decisions cannot be made in a timely manner, or decisions are made based on incomplete or inaccurate data. We assist companies in developing the appropriate financial infrastructure to assure that needed data can be retrieved, and the best information is available to decision makers.

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Allow your Organization to Focus on Core Competencies

All organizations have limited resources of time and money. Outsourcing or expanding your company's finance function lets you focus on core business objectives instead of managing overhead. Additionally, obtain reassurance to "sleep well at night" (SWAN) knowing that seasoned accounting and finance professionals are aiding your organizations in accomplishing its goals and objectives.

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Reduced Overhead

Core business departments such as finance can become lost in a maze of fixed overhead. Our variable business model converts organizational fixed costs to a variable cost allowing flexibile expenditures based on organizational needs. Specialization and scalability of outsourcing reduces a company's overall costs increasing competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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We Can Become an Extension of Your Finance/Accounting Department

We are the virtual finance team you can depend on to get the job done and to guide you back on track financially. We assign a team leader and specialized members experienced in all areas of your industry to assist your organization with reaching its goals. A senior member of Palmar Consulting Group, Inc. is also assigned to ensure issues are addressed timely and efficiently.

"No issue is too small or insignificant for us to address. If it's important to you, it becomes our primary focus."—Joseph Palmar, President